Autumn is Here – Save Your Skin With Nonie AHA!

Autumn is Here – Save Your Skin With Nonie AHA!

The change of seasons is upon us . . . and so is the season to up your skincare regiment.  Changing temperatures from summer to fall can really parch your skin, especially if you’re in an area where you start using the furnace to keep you warm.

Are you starting to notice your skin feeling drier, tighter or looking duller?  Hydrating your skin is the most important step you can take during this time.  This makes it a great time to embrace Nonie of Beverly Hills AHA! All Natural Skincare.

One of the beauties of Nonie products is that you use them without water.  Our Skin Cleanser will cleanse your face and remove your make-up all without water.  Just use the Cleanser with cotton pads and say bye-bye to dirt and make-up.   Follow up with our Skin Tonic for an added boost of skin-quenching nourishment and hydration from Hamamelis Water, Castor Oil, and essential plant oils.  The Skin Tonic leaves your skin dewy and refreshed – without feeling oily.  Then the last step is to choose the appropriate Nonie moisturizer for your skin – Brilliant for normal and/or combination skin; Protein for dry and/or mature skin; New Condition for oily and/or troubled skin; or our 10% AHA! Moisturizer for skin that is experienced with AHAs.

AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) are the secret weapon in Nonie moisturizers.  Our AHAs from Bilberry, Sugar Cane, Orange, Maple Cane, Orange & Lemon Oils, gently remove dead skin cells – which we all have.  And without removing those dead cells, any other moisturizer or product you may be using is not reaching the layer of your epidermis that needs the nourishment.  It’s like watering a pile of dead leaves that fall from the trees during autumn.  The leaves may look prettier after being watered, but that water is not reaching down to the layer of the ground that truly needs the moisture.  And the same applies to your skin – Nonie AHAs remove those dead cells so the essential oils in the moisturizer can nourish and heal your skin to improve your skin tone and texture, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, even out your skin tone, and impart a beautiful, healthy glow.

The other beauty of AHAs is that they are smart . . . they know what dead cells to remove without the use of harsh chemical exfoliators or scrubs, which can actually damage the skin and cause even more problems.  And Nonie AHAs exfoliate your skin ever so gently!

So – what are you waiting for?  Time to replenish your skin with Nonie AHA! Skincare.  Are you new to Nonie products?  Try one of our sample packs and discover the beauty of Nonie of Beverly Hills AHA! All Natural Skincare – Healthy Food for the Skin!

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